Mimi Mapes McCloy (also known as Mimi Mapes) sang, recorded and toured with Henry Lee Summer for years. With her featured lead on "Hey Baby" with Henry Lee Summer Band's appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show she made people notice. She might be most remembered by her backing vocals on John Cougar Mellencamp's "Sacrecrow" album, on the track "Minutes to Memories". While in an opening act with Henry Lee Summer, she added to the backing vocals for Chicago, The Doobie Brothers and .38 Special. Live, she's the screaming incarnation of Aretha Franklin, Melissa Etheridge and Janis Joplin and yet, she's still able to hold her own with Billie Holliday material. Lately she was heard wailing on "Barracuda" with Heart’s guitarist Roger Fisher in Las Vegas. Although live, she's unstoppable, Mimi Mapes McCloy is also a seasoned studio vocalist, whether it requires a subdued background role or an up-front lead. Her jingles include national spots for Coke, McDonald's, Kroger supermarkets and more. Mimi Mapes duet with Carl Storie. Mimi Mapes McCloy Janis Joplin karaoke.